The saying "time flies" really is true and if feels like it flies faster when you are raising kids. It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming my first son into the world and now he is 14, in high school and has his learner's license.....what?!

Being a mom has taught me to be patient and understanding. A trait that I feel is very important with photography. To capture those sweet, perfect moments, sometimes can take time. From newborns who may not be ready to sleep quite yet, to toddlers who are shy or maybe even scared of the camera. I want everyone that I photograph to feel comfortable and enjoy their session. 

I'm Nicole, your fellow mother & Edmonton Photographer


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am so excited you're here.   I have been in love with photography my whole life. But it wasn't until I became a mom that it developed into a passion.  


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A snapshot into my life

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These are the 3 that made me a mom and who I am today.  They are who I am excited to hang out with each day.  I'm a proud hockey mom to 2 boys and my daughter is my incredible gymnast and lifelong shopping partner.  When we aren't running to various sports, we like to go for a ride on our boat, play outside, have backyard fires and snuggle on the couch watching Netflix. 

my 3 kids


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Our family has 2 sweet kitties.  Maui & Crush.  I grew up with many cats throughout my childhood and despite being allergic, we added 2 to our family.  Crush is a giant "garfield" who loves to lay around and is very chill and this is a photo of Maui who is still very young and playful :)

Our backyard playground


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I love building, creating and crafting.  My family owned a craft store when I was growing up so its something that has been a hobby of mine since I was little.  I grew up in a crafty family.  My dad loves to do woodwork and my mom loves to paint and they have both shared their skills with me over the years.  My largest project to date is a playhouse and swing set for our backyard. 

In my studio you will notice items that have been handmade or repurposed and brought back to life. I have also made several newborn hats and headbands and continue to add more.  

Our backyard playground


My Favorite Things

You Deserve the best

Let's create your memories!  Don't let this time slip by.  Capture your little ones so that you can cherish these days for a lifetime through beautiful photos and artwork. 
I would love to begin planning your session. 

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