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As an Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer, I would like to talk about Newborn Lifestyle Photography.

While welcoming a new addition to the family is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming and tiring. That is why an in-home lifestyle session can be a great way to capture your baby’s first moments without the stress of packing up to head to a studio.

I would like to share with you a little bit about what to expect and a few tips that can help your newborn session go smoothly.

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn
In-Home Newborn Session

When to Book:

First off, it’s best to book your session when you are in your second trimester, to ensure your Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer is available.

Newborn sessions are best taken when baby is approximately 7-14 days old, however, with lifestyle sessions, babies can be a bit older as they are not being posed as much as an in-studio session.

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn
In-Home Newborn Session

How to prepare:

Prior to me arriving, try to have as much clutter hidden away as possible. A quick and easy way to do this is to tuck things in to drawers or under beds if you need to. Leave regular decor items out, and put away things such as breast pumps, water cups, any loose papers, etc. Have your partner or a friend help you with this if you need.

On the morning of your session, it’s best to stimulate your baby about an hour prior to your Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer arriving. A great way of doing this is to give them a bath!

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn

What to wear:

For a modern, yet timeless look, I suggest for parents to wear light, neutral colors. A t-shirt or button up shirt for dad with jeans or slacks and a light colored top for mom with jeans or comfortable pants. How dressed up you are, depends on your personal taste. I have many beautiful dresses in my client closet that moms are welcome to wear. The dress pictured below is a favorite from Pink Blush.

For your baby, I will bring a white onesie and white wrap to bundle them up in.

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn
In-Home Newborn Session

During your Session:

Continue to feed baby as you normally do (breast-feed, formula or both). Plan to feed your baby throughout your session as they need. Your baby will likely need to eat more often than they normally do.

Babies like to be warm and heat is the key! Turn the heat up in your house a couple of extra degrees to ensure your baby is comfortable and stays sleepy and content.

Now just relax, snuggle with your newborn and let me do all of the work!

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn
In-Home Newborn Session

All of these beautiful photos were captured by Nicole Zee Photography using natural window light. To view more beautiful photos just like this, visit my website at nicolezeephotography.com .

If you are considering an in-home newborn lifestyle session, click here and I would be happy to chat!

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